Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hunger Games- Cat Style

For the millions of Hunger Games fans out there, you probably have the same questions:
Is Catching Fire going to be good? Peeta or Gale? Should I go to the midnight premiere? 

Sadly, it seems that many forget about one of the most stunning, amazing characters- Buttercup. 

You see, Buttercup is a vital part in all the books, and many scenes. Buttercup is a character, yet a symbol, as realized in the "Crazy Cat" scene. Buttercup is Katniss. 
So why do so many people forget about this fantastic feline? 

Fortunately, not everyone has forgotten. Whoever made these are purely amazing: 

I think I could have been Buttercup in the movie, too. I'm perfect. (Of course, I'm not hideous like described in the book, but it's impossible to find an ugly cat.)

I think that a fourth book needs to be added to the trilogy. The only difference? It's told by Buttercup- a companion book, I suppose, to Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. 

Who's with me, and wants to make Buttercup well known? 

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