Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disneyland Cats

It's one of Disney's not-so-secret-anymore secrets. Every night, about 200 cats are released throughout the park to catch rodents, so the park is clean. (Ironically, the Disneyland main character is Mickey MOUSE.)
The cats are taken care of- they are healthy, get their shots, and reside at feeding stations during the day. (There are 5 located in Disneyland- one being in the Jungle Cruise, another close to the Hungry Bear. The others? You'll have to figure those out!)

My owners decided to find these magical cats yesterday, but turned up empty handed at the Hungry Bear and on the Jungle Cruise. (One was seen during the team ride, on a previous visit, though) However, a cage was spotted in the line of Space Mountain, (on the inside), just beyond their reach. According to them, it had fur. 

This is no myth- just look it up, and next time you go to Disneyland, keep an eye out for those fellow cats. (And if you snap a picture, please tell us.)

          (Photo Credit: Mellonballer,"



  1. :) this is awsesome, lived near disneyland and downtown disney, saw several kitty kats while there
    wish I would have followed this blog then


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