Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sun, Heat, and Ducks. It's On.

Summer is finally here! The temparature reached 100 degrees Farenheit yesterday- sounds like summer to me! It's time for long naps, sun-basking by the pool, and ice-eating.

Summer sounds awfully nice, until you throw in the heat-factor from the mighty fireball that is intent on maing everything miserable. 

That's the monster from several days ago- bleh.

And along with the immense heat, I've been getting a unwatned visitors.

The minions were flailing hopelessly at the back door, with their cameras in tow. Figuring that it may be something of interest, I supposed that I could at least check it out. Ducks. I've had trouble with these pests for a while. When I saw that they were back again, even after the warnings, my reaction was simple.

Those pea-brained idiots. Cramping my space and my style. You've been warned, ducks. 
You've been warned.

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