Saturday, May 4, 2013

Biggest the WORLD!

If you're up to date on everything that matters, you know the Lolcats. Even if you only know a little bit, it's better than nothing. And then, there are those people who spend hours leafing through pages and pages of Lolcats, gathering their mental inventory.

Among those famous cats is Invisible Bike Cat, who has inspired over hundreds of different "invisible" memes.

Along with a few of these guys.....

And now, the ultimate tribute to Lolcats has been made. Presenting, the BIGGEST LOLCAT IN THE WORLD!

The genius behind this was Josh Zubkoff, a San Francisco artist.

Ben Huh, the creator of the infamous I Can Has Cheezburger?, also stopped by for this special occasion.

In an era where cats are everything, this has made its way to the very top.

Meow On,

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