Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Squirrel Safety Kit

Hope you all had a great Easter/weekend. Now, shall we get back to work?

Besides the penguins, there is another common enemy. One that is threatening to wipe everything out- possible before the penguins get here.

Meet the squirrels. Those filthy tree rats.
Despite their (sometimes) cute and cuddly appearances, they are quite evil.

I was just sitting out side one day, minding my own bush, thence squirrel comes out and threatens to attack me.

But I'm not the only one to complain. Oh no. Meet this town in Virginia, who was PLAGUED by a violent squirrel.


There are, however, ways we can protect ourselves:
1) Be armed with a water gun and slingshot at all times
2) Keep a rocks and other small, hard things in your backpack/purse
3) Keep one, sterilized, completely hidden and non-smella le acorn. It can be used to temp the squirrel away, but you don't want it attacking you for it.

Now, some pictures: (credits: cheezburger.com, top5daily.blogspot.com, & Purrfectly Pickles)

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