Saturday, April 20, 2013

Don't We All?

Precisely. Keep working on that cry, little kitty, and all of your demands will come true.

For you cats out there reading this, who have not been trained in the art of persuasion, here is the steps to getting what you want when you want.

1) Know what you want. It's easier to get something you want than just something.

2) Get your cry perfected. Wailing, sniffles, and little meows. All the things that humans consider to be "cute."

3) Follow the antagonist around, and head-butt them like a crazed bull.

4) [optional] Start biting and scratching if they do not give in.

5) enjoy your food.


  1. you are so right# 2 works like a charm!

  2. I think #2 especially the little meows never fails


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