Thursday, January 24, 2013

We CANNOT let this happen!

I saw recieved some very shocking news this morning. A man in New Zealand is trying to eradicate all of New Zealands cats! He claims that us furry felines are all killers, and are threats to the enviroment. This campaign is called Cats To Go.
My opinion? NOOOO!

We simply CANNOT let the cats in New Zealand be killed! Of course, cats kill rodents, birds, and insects. It's a natural instinct, and cats are predators! Not murderers!

If this campaign goes any farther, I will be gathering a troop to send some "expressive" letters over to him. It isn't right, and shouldn't be happening. Link to the website here.

Here are some pictures that are being used by the campaign to depict cats:

This can't happen. Who is with me? Who will fight for our fellow feline's freedom?

Meow On,

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  1. Cali and Blue Four Ocean will eat him.

    Oh, and I got inspired to make a blog for them:


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