Saturday, November 3, 2012


Contest Time!
To celebrate the holiday season, I decided to have a contest. An art/photo contest. Draw or edit a picture of a holiday scene, whether it be a fireplace with stockings, a Christmas tree, a snowman, etc.....

The only catch? It has to have me in it! Make ME the cat snowman. Make ME climb the Christmas tree.
Things like that!
Here are the official rules:
1. MUST be a drawing, picture, or some other form of art. (Sculpture, collage, tissue paper thing)
2. It must have me incorporated into it.
3. All entries are due by December 15th.
4. If you aren't sure how I look, have a look at some pictures of mine.
5. Photos from this blog must be used with permission, which no one has, so please be creative and use your own.

Please take a picture or scan your entry (or if it is a photo, leave it at that) and email me the submission at:

Please include your name (it can just be your first). I will post all the entries submitted, so, if you would prefer to have me refer to you in your nickname, please include that in the email.

Here is an example:

Hi! I'm Pickles. Here is my entry for the holiday contest.

[insert entry/attachement]

Can you please refer to me as Picky? Thanks!

Meow On,

Just something like that.

I hope you join, and good luck!


Leave a meow! I'd love to hear what you think!